It’s not a secret that language skills aren’t an American forte. Although I have attended numerous courses, the letters simply do not come together as easily as I would want them to. Contrarily, the colors do, for they are as much a language of the island as the sounds of the local speech. This series is composed out of cuttings representing decades of Iceland’s fine arts, music, photography, fashion, sports, celebrity culture as well as the impeccable local nature, delivering an ambiguous mishmash of surprising meanings, which is the way I perceive the country. After all, this place is a gloriously ridiculous and beautiful home to me.

Jón Páll Ásmundurson I

Konan I

Untitled I

Untitled II

Jón Páll Ásmundurson II

Konan II

Untitled V

Untitled VI

Jón Páll Ásmundurson III

Untitled III

Jón Páll Ásmundurson IV

Untitled IV

Jón Páll Ásmundurson V