Marc Alexander is a self-taught visual artist residing in Fáskrúðsfjörður, Iceland. He studied Corporate Finance & Accounting at Bentley University in Massachusetts until his firing in 2012. The firing, as well as other challenges of the early 2010s, triggered a chain-reaction of unforeseeable events.

Creating primarily through mixed media collage, his work expresses repressed reflection, bilateral truth, and the idolization of pop culture.




2022 Ég tala pínu Íslensku, Beljandi Brugghús - Breiðdalsvík, Iceland

2021 Actic Council, Þórsmörk - Neskaupstaður, Iceland

2019 Deep Purple, Bókasafn Nýheimar - Höfn, Iceland

2019 Lavender Scare, Milk Row Studios - Somerville, MA, USA

2019 The Shotgun, Warehouse XI - Somerville, MA, USA


2019 Housefly, Milk Row Studios - Somerville, MA, USA